Let go of beliefs and liberate your mind

The superficial advice that has been made much of in the infamous law of attraction directs us to avoid negative thoughts and take up positive thoughts instead; however, those who embrace this belief have learned nothing really helpful to the process of mental liberation. It is likely that they may be attempting by this method to suppress uncomfortable, unconscious content arising from the subconscious mind that they should instead be welcoming, facing and resolving. Real transmutation of the mind requires more than simply programming and conditioning the mind in this way, which only strengthens and enhances dualistic ideas and beliefs of creator and created, mind and matter, attraction and repulsion. Only when we go beyond these mind games does it becomes possible to enter deeply into unified Consciousness itself and discover ourselves as the Self who commands all things.

What we believe we will receive, but when we find out who the believer is, we go beyond belief into truth and understanding. The very thought of thought itself – good, bad or indifferent – must always remain illusion, an inherent part of the net of Maya. To become free from Maya, we surrender the mind fully to the Self. Of course it can be temporarily helpful to hold the opposite thought if one’s thoughts are highly negative; but in the long run it is far healthier to allow the negative thoughts to arise and be released, if one truly desires to be free. It’s important to know that the ultimate help, in any case, arises only when we stop all thought and find out who the thinker really is. It is only in a fully unconditioned state of mind that we can experience this true Reality.

The transmutation of these constructs of the mind feeds our spiritual growth as beliefs and their resulting manifestations dissolve. Old emotions, ideas, attachments and physical conditions break down, releasing dynamic energy to serve as rich and nourishing compost to bring about new consciousness and life.  We support the liberation of the mind when we dissolve beliefs into pure, unconditioned consciousness. We do this by consistently adopting the most expansive view toward everything we encounter. We refuse to believe anything that we see with our outer eyes, having faith instead that true understanding can only arise from the Self within who sees all things in the perfect light of consciousness. Beyond the mind lies truth, and by turning our eyes inward we become free from all limitations.



2 responses to “Let go of beliefs and liberate your mind

  1. I think the ‘Hicks couple’ is such an example of this Chavah (altough I like the positivity of some of there books) but I can understand what you mean,because thats the reason why just replace an negative emotion for a positive emotion or thought does’nt work for me 🙂

  2. Namaste’ Danny…
    Every approach and teaching has its time and place and applicability to various personas. With this idea of going beyond mind we are simply moving into the next expansion of our creative powers by focusing on discovering ‘who’ the creator is in this process that is termed ‘the law of attraction.’ When we realize our identity as That, whatever is needful spontaneously appears – no need for mind, which typically obstructs and delays this essential realization.

    From a simple psycho-therapeutic point of view, ignoring so-called ‘negative’ emotions and using the mind to think ‘positive’ can serve as a type of avoidance, denial and repression. It’s healthier to freely experience all emotions without judgments of good and bad. In this way feeling merely arise and fade away, dissolving emotional energy into spiritual power in the process. The wise one is simply aware of this rising and falling of energy, and doesn’t get involved with it mentally at all.

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