Renounce Morality to Liberate Spirituality

Preoccupation with morality is a measure of spiritual incapacity. ~Lewis Thompson

Viewing the world through the lens of morality –  ingrained, conditioned judgments and beliefs derived from religion – limits consciousness, awareness and compassion. It’s not always a simple thing to see moralistic limitations. The mind becomes comfortable in the habit of judgment, so subtle that conscious awareness is not possible.

Morality is a feature of the ego, creating distance from the true Self by holding onto a presumed right to judge others.  In spirituality, there are no others;  so who is there to judge? Every moral judgment directed toward the world outside of oneself is a judgment against one’s self.  Moralistic beliefs merely indicate that the holder of those beliefs has no control over his or her own mind.  Morality has no place in spirituality – it prevents true spiritual life  from awakening fully.

In spirituality everything is perfect – there can be no exceptions.  In spirituality, God, Creator or Source is all-powerful and thus necessarily in charge of it all.  In morality  the divine force is believed to be limited, unable to control aspects of creation deemed immoral, pitted against some evil being who apparently has more control. All religions depend on this dualistic concept in order to limit  human hearts and minds while retaining followers.  In spirituality, even this is perfect –  simply a reflection of the state of human spiritual evolution. Keep in mind – just because you’ve left religion doesn’t mean that religous morality has left you.

To purify the ego of morality returns us to innocence and opens consciousness to true freedom and peace.  This involves overlooking your mistakes and those of others, becoming willing to see the perfection in every circumstance of life.  To remember mistakes (otherwise known as a learning process) is to cling to them, to choose limitation and judgment in order to feed the ego.

The opposite of morality is not immorality – it  is spirituality.  Morality and immorality come from the mind only.  Divine masters demonstrate spiritual love, acceptance and peace.  They do not judge others.  They do not judge themselves. They are here to love, not to judge.  Their lives are self-sacrificing, not self-righteous.

In reality all that matters is whether or not some activity, thought or feeling leads to enlightenment.  And, as Jung said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious .”  To become spiritually liberated you must make your morality conscious and be willing to go beyond this simplistic, egotistical position of judgment. On awakening, morality is recognized as merely a projection of hidden fears, self-loathing and loss of innocence.  In spirituality, freedom and joy abound and everything is always perfect.



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